25 Bookish Facts About Me

Okay, so Spookathon didn’t exactly go to plan…

I’ve been trying so hard to get back into books lately, but everything’s a little chaotic at the minute. I’m so proud of how many books I’ve read this year compared to last year, but clearly I’ve still got a little way to go until I can get back to the level of reading 5 books in 7 days. If anyone has any recommendations of books that are super easy to finish and so completely gripping that you had to finish them in a day, please let me know and help me get back on track.

So. I don’t have another book review quite yet, but I saw this tag from nearly four years ago that I thought could be pretty fun. Here’s 25 bookish facts about me:

1. I’ve kept a list on my notes app of every book I’ve read since 2013, and I have to update it the second I finish a book.

2. My favourite author of all time is Marie Lu, and when she replied to one of my tweets on my personal twitter (hi, I’m @FrankiLucy), I basically died.

3. I predominantly read YA, and the first mainstream YA book I ever read was Divergent.

4. I’ve been working on the novel I’m currently writing for nearly seven years but am so desperate to have it finished by the end of next year.

5. When I was in college, I met five of my best friends through books.

6. To clarify fact 5, I wore a rune necklace (I was obsessed with The Mortal Instruments) every day for nearly four years, and I made friends because people recognised it and started conversations about it all the time.

7. For my sixteenth birthday, my mum baked me a cake in the shape of a book and decorated it with Harry-Potter-themed icing.

8. I own over a thousand books and refuse to say how many of them are still unread.

9. I’ve been reviewing ARCs with ReadersFirst for nine months and recently got my first NetGalley ARC.

10. I’ve done two publishing internships and recently moved to London to find a job in publishing.

11. The most books I’ve ever read in a year is seventy.

12. I get really scared to lend books to people in case they crack the spine.

13. I volunteered in a secondhand bookshop for six months and got 50% off all books. During this time, I bought at least one book during each shift.

14. I read books on my phone, laptop and kindle but will always prefer physical copies.

15. I’m cursed when it comes to finishing books. I can sit for hours undisturbed whilst reading, but as soon as I’m one or two pages from the end, I always get interrupted somehow.

16. My favourite booktuber is JesseTheReader and I’ve been watching his videos for over four years.

17. Throughout my entire childhood, I never cried at movies but I’ve always cried so much at books. It doesn’t matter if they’re happy or sad, I will cry at anything in a book.

18. I’m scared of giving bad reviews. The one time I gave a book a two-star review on ReadersFirst, I refused to share it on any other platforms and tried my best to pick out the best parts of the book despite really hating it.

19. I used to be really good at finishing long book series’ but I’ve recently become so terrible at reading series’ all the way through.

20. I’ve been trying to make a book blog for over two years now but only just built up the courage to do it.

21. I did an EPQ on the impact of mental illness in teenagers on young adult fiction in 2015 and am so interested in books that involve portrayals of mental health issues.

22. I’m obsessed with taking Bookstagram pictures because books are beautiful, but my camera is so terrible right now that I can’t post any.

23. My favourite genres to read are fantasy, contemporary and thrillers.

24. I get so mad when people say that reading YA, manga or audiobooks ‘doesn’t count’ and have got into full arguments with people who believe that you should only read certain types of books.

25. My most anticipated upcoming release is Queen of Nothing by Holly Black. I read the first two books earlier this year and am so desperate for this one to come out.

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