5 Books That Have Blown My Mind This Year

Over the past few years, I’ve been falling behind a little on my reading. Before I started university, I was averaging 70 books per year, and in the first year of my degree, I read the grand total of 20. Thankfully, I graduated this year, and I’m finding so much more time to read for fun again. It’s slow-going, but I’ve read enough to books in 2019 to have found some that have truly blown me away.

Since this blog is relatively new, I figured these books would be a good way to introduce myself! This list is so bizarre that I can’t specify a genre but, hopefully, if you’re reading this, you’ll find something you love.

Here are 5 books that have blown my mind this year:

REBEL- Marie Lu

I feel as though it may become obvious over time, but I’ll state it now: Marie Lu is my favourite author of all time. Everything she writes is incredible, and I’ve been reading her books since I first got into YA Fiction. This book is the final book in the Legend series, which everyone thought ended 6 years ago, and I am so, so glad she brought it back. Of course, I’d recommend the whole series (the first three books are very short and easy reads!) but this book was incredible. ‘Legend’ is a romantic, dystopian, action-packed adventure that begins in the Republic of America, after the collapse of the USA. The book ‘Rebel’ in particular drew me back into Day and June (and Eden)’s lives when I didn’t know I needed it. Add in scenes reminiscent of Marie Lu’s other series ‘Warcross’ and this book was everything I wanted it to be. 


Sticking to the theme of YA, ‘The Folk of The Air’ series is the story of a human girl, Jude, trying to scheme her way to success in Faerie, interspersed with a lot of romance, murder and betrayal. I don’t know why I was sceptical when I picked up ‘The Cruel Prince’ but within three days of doing so, I’d finished that and the sequel, finding time in every situation to pick up my Kindle and get back into it. Holly Black writes this new world so convincingly and so vividly that I couldn’t leave these off this list, and I would recommend these books to even the biggest disbelievers of fantasy. Also, just to fangirl for a moment- the third book in the series comes out next month! Keep an eye out for my emotional breakdown when it’s released, the story is so gripping that even months after I finished the second one, I’m still completely hooked.


Moving away from YA, this is the most adorable adult contemporary I think I’ve ever read. My level of obsession has waned over time so I’m due to re-read this soon, but when I first read this book, I remember that I couldn’t stop simultaneously grinning and crying. This story is about Tiffy and Leon, who get into a flatshare agreement because of the cost of renting, but never meet due to different working hours; she works 9-5, he works the night shift. I don’t know what more to say without spoiling it other than that this book is so cute! It’s a romance that I didn’t know I’d get so obsessed with, and the characters are so perfectly written. Even the unique writing styles for Tiffy and Leon add an extra layer to this book. If you’re struggling to get back into reading, this book is a perfect, easy read to draw you back in.


This list takes a pretty sudden dark turn at this point. You may have gathered that I don’t read a lot of horror books, but when I do, I love them. ‘Your Deepest Fear’ is about Detective Cody’s efforts to solve a police case in which an unnervingly calm widow, Sara, found her husband’s body nailed to the ground in his house. Simultaneously, Cody is being haunted, both awake and asleep, by the killer clowns that murdered his colleague and subjected him to torture, and trying to figure out how to solve his own issues. I didn’t realise when I read it that this book is part of a series, and didn’t find any issues with not knowing what came before. Of course, if this is your thing, it would definitely be worth reading them all! For me, this book was dark and terrifying and everything I was looking for at the time. David Jackson’s writing is incredible and this book is easily the best adult thriller I’ve read this year.


Aaaaaand back to YA… This book got me through a really rough day. I wasn’t hooked back into reading when I started it but I thought I’d give it a try, and I had a nightmare day of waiting around and delayed trains. By the time that nightmare day ended, I wasn’t too miserable, and I’d finished ‘Under a Dancing Star.’ It really did what it’s supposed to: transported me into another, more gripping time, and hooked me with a romance that I became incredibly invested in. This is a story inspired by Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing,’ set in 1930s Italy. I understand that you may be sceptical about this concept, but it completely works. Bea is an incredibly strong character and Ben makes for a wonderful love interest. Everything about this book was beautiful to me, and I definitely recommend you read it.


A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder- Holly Jackson

The Dinner List- Rebecca Serle

The Holiday- TM Logan

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