Avatar: The Last Airbender Book Tag

I have a confession to make: I didn’t watch Avatar: The Last Airbender at all as a child. My friend tried to make me watch a few episodes once and I just didn’t pay any attention. And now, because I’m basic, it’s appeared on Netflix and I’ve binged the entire thing…

I finished watching it about a week ago and I’m still watching Zuko and Iroh videos on Youtube for procrastination every chance I get. So, to turn my obsession into something productive, I found out that this book tag is a thing! Here’s the ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender Book Tag’:

Katara and Sokka: The Best Sibling Relationship

This one was kind of difficult and I really struggled to think of an answer but I think I’ve come up with the best one. Alec and Izzy from The Mortal Instruments are an amazing and super fearsome sibling duo.

Yue: Favourite Star-Crossed Lovers

The first couple that came to mind for this was Cassie and Evan from The Fifth Wave trilogy. I love their relationship and it’s definitely, definitely not meant to be.

Blood-bending- A Book With Unnerving/Unsettling Content

Although this book isn’t one of my favourites, I searched my brain for something I’d read with unsettling content and Beware That Girl is the one I came up with. Both of the main characters have some really dangerous motives and I found this book to be just generally weird.

Toph: A Character Whose Strength Surprised You

It’s pretty obvious from the start of The Cruel Prince that Jude is mentally tough and determined, but she still proves herself to be so physically and mentally strong throughout the series. She isn’t physically as tough as some other characters but she works so hard to protect herself and the people she cares herself that it has to be acknowledged.

The Tales of Ba Sing Se: Best Short Story/ Poetry Collection

A go-to recommendation for me is Slasher Girls and Monster Boys so, yes, I’m going to bring that up again. The stories range from creepy to downright disturbing and I really loved almost all of them.

Kioshi Warriors: Best Warrior Character

I don’t know if she counts as a Warrior but one of the toughest characters I can think of is Laia from An Ember in The Ashes. It’s been forever since I read the first two books (and I still haven’t finished the series) but I really loved how tough she is.

Zuko: Best Redemption Arc

It’s hard to think of a redemption arc that actually compares to Zuko’s because the writers completely nailed it, but maybe a certain genius billionaire from the Warcross duology could also be considered…

Iroh: Wisest Character

I’m going to go super basic for this and say Dumbledore from Harry Potter. I probably don’t have to explain why.

Azula: Best Downfall

For this, the first person that comes to mind is Jonathan Morgenstern from The Mortal Instruments series. This series had so much build up and tension that his downfall was incredibly anticipated, and it actually managed to live up to my expectations.

Appa: Favourite Fictional Animal/Pet

I literally can’t think of any pets in YA! I’ve been through my reading lists and the only pet I can think of is Hedwig from Harry Potter… If you can think of any pets in YA, please let me know.

Aang: Purest Cinnamon Roll

Just because I love this book so much, I’m going to say Sean from Anna and the French Kiss. He’s obviously just a minor character but he’s so small and adorable and the way he reacts to Anna’s problems is really, really cute.

Avatar State: A Stubborn Character/ A Character That Struggles With Letting Go

For a character that struggles with letting go, Mara Dyer from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is the first that comes to mind. She holds a lot of grudges and lets her anger get the best of her a lot but I absolutely love her.

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