I spent a large part of December looking for a Christmas book to read and ended up stumbling across Twenty-Five Memories of Viggo MacDuff by Kate Gordon. I never got around to reading it before Christmas but I did spend my entire Boxing Day devouring it!

Twenty-Five Memories of Viggo MacDuff is the story of a girl torn between two identities: Constance- the girl she was whilst dating Viggo, her smart, charismatic, do-no-wrong boyfriend- and Connie- the girl she was before. It’s a story told almost entirely as reminiscences and memories, over the space of the year that Viggo and Connie were together.

The story starts on Christmas night, a few days after Viggo has broken up with Connie, for an unspecified reason. She’s sat wallowing alone until her best friend, Jed, appears, ready to hear her twenty-five memories and expel Viggo from her system at last. As we hear Connie’s memories, we begin to realise that maybe Viggo wasn’t the perfect boy Connie’s convinced he is and, as their relationship stories unravel, we discover both who Connie wants to be and just how Viggo changed her.

This book is not largely a feel-good story. Connie’s relationship stories are troubling and she spends the book heartbroken and desperate for Viggo back. But somehow, it still made for good Boxing Day reading. Despite the troubling content, it ended up being a story about finding yourself and figuring out who is truly there for you.

I really liked a number of the characters in this story. Constance was a realistic, believable girl and Jed was truly a sweetheart. It was great to read about their friendship and learn more about them, with and without Viggo.

This book was refreshingly easy compared to a lot of what I’ve read lately. It only took a few hours to get through and I still found myself becoming completely engrossed in Connie’s life. Although this book is set at Christmas time, I would recommend it to anyone at any time looking for a simple and heart-warming story.

I am glad I stumbled across this book and am sure I’ll revisit it again next Christmas. For a book that cost me £1.99 on Amazon, this was 100% worthwhile.


If you’d like to read this book, you can buy it right here. (I get a small commission if you use my links!)

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