Okay, so quick disclaimer (confession?): I’ve never done a monthly TBR. Ever. I just read whatever I pick up, meaning I might read one book in a month, or fifteen (people who are able to read more than that seriously intimidate me. HOW?), and I’m so jealous of everyone who is able to set monthly reading goals and stick to them!

But I’ve been really busy lately and both my reading and my blogging (and writing and Duolingo and really any hobbies except online shopping, but we won’t get into that) have been… lacking. So I figured, what better way to get back into reading than guilt-tripping myself with a list of books that I’m making myself obligated to read. Right?!

That being said, here’s my (very modest) August TBR:

The Court of Miracles, by Kester Grant-

This is kind of cheating because I’m already most of the way through, but I will finish this book this month. It’s such an incredible story that I have no idea why I didn’t read it sooner. The Les Miserables references are making my life, and I’m finding myself getting invested in more characters than I knew I could care about.

Shine, by Jessica Jung-

This one depends on when it arrives, but I have an ARC due to be delivered towards the end of August and I’m so desperate to read this book. It combines my true loves of YA and K-pop and I have ridiculously high expectations. Also, THANK YOU to Electric Monkey for doing a YALC giveaway contest for ARCs of this- you made my year.

Six of Crows, by Leigh Bardugo-

The fact that this book is still on my TBR is embarrassing- especially now that I own two copies of it- but I can feel that August is finally the month I’m going to do it. I have hopes that this is going to become one of my favourite books (thanks Twitter) so I need to force myself to sit down and finally give it a go.

A Girl Made of Air, by Nydia Hetherington-

This book caught my eye massively when the trailer came out, and I made it my mission to get an ARC. I ended up getting it on Netgalley and, although I actually have very little idea about the plot, I’m so, so excited to give it a read! All I know is that it involves a circus and, really, that’s all I needed to know…

There’s a whole load of other books on my TBR and Netgalley shelf that I would love to get through in August, and maybe I will, but for now- this is it. I’m hoping four books will be ridiculously easy and will kickstart monthly TBRs for years to come.

I’d love to know what your reading goals are this month! If you have a book that you’re really excited to read in August, let me know down below- I’m always looking for ways to expand my ever-growing TBR…

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